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BC Custom Timber Products

Core Boxes

BC Core Boxes (division of BC Custom Timber Products) produces high quality core boxes for the mining and exploration industry.

We will tailor our boxes to any dimension required in order to fit your core samples.

Western style core boxes are constructed from plywood and dimensional lumber. The lumber and plywood are fastened together with industrial strength staples to insure durability and strength. The lid for the western style core box is single piece of plywood.

Eastern style core boxes are constructed from solid wood and have routered grooves in which the core sits. The benefits from this style of box include:

The core is more exposed when lid is off which enables easy viewing and access.

•Functionality (Bottom and top pieces are identical, this simplifies ordering).

•Smaller dimensions for storing.

•Lower cost than western style boxes.

Please contact us for more information.

Eastern Style Core Box

Western Style Core Box

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