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Solid Wood Buildings

Please watch our CNC pre-cut machine in operation on our YouTube link.

Our sawmill specializes in the harvest of trees from the forest, then sawing and air drying for milled log home manufacturing. We currently offer Spruce and Pine logs for our precision milled log structures.

Our manufacturing equipment includes a very elaborate, high tech computer [CNC] operated machine that processes the end product with amazing accuracy. This processor does the following:

- Creates finger joints for longer lengths

- Pre-drills for electrical wiring

- Routers electrical boxes

- Pre-cuts all window & door openings

- Processes all the corner notches

- Cuts roof pitches

- Notches beam pockets

The benefits of this method of construction are the simplicity and speed of erection. Once erected, the walls provide not only the structure, but the interior & exterior finish as well as insulation.

To view the different types of profiles that we offer, please click here.

To view the different types of grades that we offer, please click here.

Please view pictures of our operating facilities and past projects in our photo gallery under the heading Solid Wood Buildings.

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